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Does “Pay Per Click” Pay?

If you’ve tried to promote with online marketing, then you’ve probably come across Google Ads. Google ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising product: the largest part of it used to be called “adwords” and it is still often referred to as such.

Businesses bid to have links to their site appear in the paid section at the top of search results, and when someone clicks on their business they pay Google the amount they bid. How well, and how often, they appear in search depends upon the bid and the parameters of the campaign, as well as on the quality of their website.

Online Marketing with SuCoWeb

Google Ads is the largest and most successful example of PPC advertising: but all major search engines, social media platforms, business directories and media sites have an equivalent, and they all work in a similar way.

Oftentimes, people who are starting their website or revamping their business, turn to Google Ads as the best-case solution to help them get to the top of the search results page. PPC is a strategy that can be employed, but only if there’s a site that’s worth ranking. We can help you create an optimized website as well as show you how to implement an ad strategy that is best suited for your business needs and budget.

— What You Need To Know About PPC

  1. PPC Is Not Always Necessary. A business can grow online perfectly well without it in most circumstances. Unless the market you’re in is very new or very competitive, or your business has NO online presence at all, you can succeed without it.
  2. PPC Is No Substitute For SEO. Before you throw money at PPC, make sure you have a site that’s ready to rank well in the search results. Your website should be easy to use, responsive, and well designed before you spend money on ads.
  3. PPC Can Be Expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. With a good website and the correct management of ad dollars, a little bit of money can go a long way.
  4. PPC Works. When used correctly PPC can be a great way to grow your business online. It’s much cheaper and more efficient than traditional marketing, and its natural accountability makes it very easy to see what works and what does not.

Online Marketing With Suffolk County Webmasters

Online Marketing with SuCoWeb

SuCoWeb will manage your online marketing. We’ll help you choose the right platforms, the right terms to target and the right budget for the best return. Our sites are designed to make the most of PPC traffic, and the tracking tools we provide will ensure you always know exactly how your ads are performing. Platforms we can advertise on for you include:

  • Google Search (adwords)
  • Google Network Sites (“display ads”, formerly adsense)
  • Google maps (local ads)
  • Youtube
  • Bing Search
  • Facebook
  • Yelp