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How do you measure up to the competition? A free SEO audit will tell you.

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Give us the URL (address) of your website and an email address, and we will rush you a free SEO audit that will tell you just how well optimized your site is. Also, if you give us the URLs of two competitors, we’ll tell you how your site stacks up against theirs.
We won’t blind you with figures. sure, we’ll send you a couple of easy-to-read reports. But, we’ll also send you some real, useful advice. Handwritten notes telling you what your SEO priorities should be, and whether there are any serious technical errors or security risks on your website.
We’ll write your free SEO audit in plain English. You’ll be able to carry out a lot of the steps detailed yourself. Or, if you’d rather have it handled by experienced SEO professionals, you can talk to us about a management plan that fits your budget. Our SEO plans cost as little as $500 a month.

Free SEO Audit from Suffolk County Webmasters

— SEO Advice

You may not be interested in an audit, or your site may not have launched yet. If so, here are some articles that may help you:

What Makes A Website Successful? An article based on a presentation we gave to a national conference. We outline all of the factors that separate good websites from bad ones. This article will give you an excellent crash course in just what it takes to succeed online.

Local SEO A brief, simple guide to SEO for small businesses seeking a local audience.

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